Progressed Synastry in 2600 Public Cases


Frequency of Results

Representative graph showing the proportionate differences in natal and progressed SO VE aspect frequency in each 100 relationships from 1 to 2600. Conjunction and opposition totals have been deliberately doubled to enable comparison with the frequency of the other aspects which occur twice (conj and opp both occur once). The flat blue line represents expected results for 2600 relationships SO VE trines, conjunctions and oppositions reach this point at around 1700 relationships.
This depiction also shows some dependencies, for instance Z is natal-natal squares which are observed at low rates in each 100, this is directly related to X which is natal Sun progressed venus sextiles. Likewise, U is natal-progressed conjunctions which is directly related to H natal-natal semisextiles. This is describing the 30:30 rule mentioned in the end notes.